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Genuine spell caster with guaranteed results

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If your partner wants to divorce you, and everything is going wrong in your Marriage, you need to Order this spell that will save your marriage and cancel every on going divorce. no matter how long you have been away with your partner..This spell renew love, passion and it restore back feelings. Once this spell is been cast, your husband or your wife is going to love you, just as the love at first sight. Thanks to this spell, and its very powerful and very fast in action.



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NOTE: If you come to my temple here and contact me for help, just be patient and wait for my response. Do not hurry to another spell caster because there are lots of fake spell casters online here claiming to be real. So do not fall victim and i must tell you this that you were so very lucky to have met and contacted me. so if i do not reply you immediately, then know that i am in my temple, carrying out some spell work or prayers. So just relax your mind and wait for my response. No hurry in life. because “THE PATIENT DOG EAT THE FATTEST BONE”.  I want you to know that you have finally come to the end of your problems. I know you might have heard about me, But now is the time for you to benefit from me yourself. Because your happiness is my priority! EMAIL:PROPHETLAZ6@GMAIL.COM






















REVENGE SPELL( not advisable) 


“Let me be your personal spell caster and solve your problems”


Warm welcome,

Prophet Laz



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Message from client

Slavka, every time I finish talking to you, I feel the energy in me is renewed.. the energy will slowly lower until I talk to you the next week again. Thank you.

Skype message from a client

Working with Slavka is beyond amazing. Slavka is a great source of inspiration and encouragement. Her understanding of spiritual work is exceptional. The books she recommended were excellent.
Your website is very well resourced, educational and the meditation is excellent. The meditation exercise is simple and very practical.
Slavka teaches you to remain focused on what works and getting to one’s desired state of being.
You guys are doing a great job. I really appreciate all of you.
Many thanks to all of you for your love and care.


XY, France

SMS from our client

Thank you for everything. I am very happy I got this chance to be in contact with you. Since we started our cooperation, I feel good and have smile on my face. Thank you, all of you!


Dear Marion, my man is back, as you have said. It was worthy to wait. 1000 Thanks

Email from a client

Pavol and Slavka,

I just wanted to give you an update.

XX text me this morning asking for my address that they were going to send the samples, now if he just keeps going and doesn’t slow down, hopefully we will have it by March or April.
I am continuing videos and meditation.

I feel great! I have a great new attitude and I feel 2017 is going to be an amazing year..and I want to thank you both..for me to realize if you change a few things in your life for the better then better things come to you.


Spiritual guidance

Dear Slavka,
thank you so much for all your greate and generous spiritual and physical revival. I am writing to inform you how have you helped me to reach with your prescription increase of my energy level, to enable me to attract better people and situations, with everyday meditation practice which I found the instructions on your website. I have already finished reading these books:
Neale Donald Walsch: Conversations with God
Don Miguel Ruiz: Four Agreements
Eckhart Tolle: The power of Now.
Thanks for all your care for helping me in my spirituality.
Kind regards,

Relationship family problems

Good evening! Endless thanks for helping me and for all of your input! I started utilizing some of your suggested rituals and they’re already working! I’m so happy that I’m nearly in tears! Thank you so much!!


Partner back

Hi Slavka,
…the personal life is very good, We are together and all is fine. We learned a lot during the period of separation and each of us is doing their best to be nice, loving and normal….

Thanks a lot!


Message- recommendation

Hello there! I emailed you before about one guy. And you recommend me to move on and we officially broke the engagement because I found out he really wasn’t a good match for me in a lot of ways!
I met another guy! I like him and he’s the first guy that i feel so comfortable and happy with like I can trust and open up my heart and talk even though he’s so new in my life ! When I look at him I see bright future!
Thank you

Protective magic- thank you message

Hi, sorry we have not skype on Tuesday, thank you so much, I am feeling better, the night and day things are starting to disappear. Thank you so much I am sorry for not understanding. God bless you.

Partner is back sms

I want you to know that my family is reunited! It was nice to hear the “I love you” after all this time 🙂

Right partner

Hi Marion and Pavol,

How are you? This is XX here from India, hope you remember me. I contacted you last year regarding my ex boyfriend. Firstly, I want to thank you for guiding me in the right path and I took your advice and moved on. Yeah whatever you mentioned about my ex came true. He did contact me this year but I didn’t receive his calls as I realized he wasn’t the right guy for me and was cheating on me. You mentioned that I will not be happy with him but I will meet someone who is better than him. I did come across one guy, his name is XY. We get along well with each other and its been close to 2 months we been seeing one another. I am wondering will he ever raise the word ‘I love you’ for me. I can see he cares me for me a lot. But don’t know where I am heading with him.Is he the right guy for me and the one you mentioned would be better than my ex, is he the one or do I need to wait? Hope you can give me advice regarding this and help me make the right choice.


Love Magic

Hi Pavol,
I’m travelling back home from today’s meditation. It was again better and deeper than before. I’m moving forward, doing small steps 🙂 I finished the book, I do exercises and meditate with the yellow candle. My sadness is fading away. I gave him those things, he cried. One interesting event happened. On Wednesday I was with the daughter of my ex-husband, she is very cute. My ex took me home. When we were alone, he asked me, if there would be a chance that I would return back 🙂 …no, it wasn’t. Now I knew you were right, that this moment would come. And you are right, it was me, who made decision and choose not to return back! It came in another time I wanted and expected, it came, when I was able to let it go. It is hard to believe, isn’t it 🙂 Could you please recommend me another book? Thank you very much and wish you and Marion nice day!

Magic for removal of blocks and energy transfers

Hi Slavka,

I feel much much better now. And I am so grateful for everything! 🙂 For your valuable instructions, recommended readings, but most of all for your beautiful meditations.

I am very happy to see eventually the right direction for me and I believe, that if we will work on us with my partner together, everything will be ok.

I will stay in contact.

Thank you


Thank you from former client (Protective magic)

Hi Pavol,

I hope this email finds you well. It has been a long time since we have been in touch. How are Marion and Slavka?
I am very well. I would like to thank you for everything you did for me. Since the last time we spoke I have worked a lot and my work is a passion of mine.
I hope one day you will educate me on what this occult world is about. How is the white magic business doing?
I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,



Dear Pavol & Slavka,
I just wanted to take time to say THANK YOU for being such a special friends and spiritual guide for me. Without you and my lovely animals in my life things would be very bad for me, you are incredible support system and I am deeply appreciative. Thank you.
Warmest wishes

Get rid of bad & disturbing energies

The client refers to the recommended performance the Small Pentagram Ritual and purification of energies at home.

Hey friend,

Excuse me for not getting back to you!….. In the matter of a week, I think less, these methods were able to help and get me to sleep and feel well again. I spoke with and still send love to the boy’s spirit, he is happy and that’s good to see. I can still feel the sights of the Mage if I turn my thoughts to him as well but I do well to let those thoughts past. I’ve been helping some other souls on a spiritual level since and now my soul feels the need to retire and only help if called upon by loved ones.

Thank you for your advise, if you have anymore I would be willing to read.

Thank you and take care,


Love magic- thanks and wishes

Hi Pavol,
first of all, I would like to wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Thank you for everything.
I wish you good health and success…

I am sending you also my testimonial, if you want, you can publish it on your website.

Dear Pavol and Marion,
I would like to thank you very much for the help. I don’t know, if i would be where I am now without you. You helped me so much in my relationship and in my whole life. You showed me the right path and I realized many things, which should be changed. Now is my relationship perfect, we are going to have a baby. The most important thing for success is cooperation with you, because in order to succeed, it has to be me, who have to fight for my own happiness first. You are amazing people, I met you personally just once, but it was for me very inspiring. So, once again, thank you for your support and cooperation.


Love Magic message

My man is back and he behaves as if nothing had happened…?! I don’t understand it … but I enjoy it and now I will make no mistakes 🙂 Thank you ♡ KM

E-mail Thank you for support

I write to say thank you for the support you are giving me and hope soon things will change and will be happy and successful.
Thank you for guiding me in meditation.
I feel better and re-energized after the meditation…..
….If you can do a ritual to make this happen, please by all means do so.
Send me the link of the books I ought to buy and read.
Once again, I want to say thank you for the support. I am grateful.

P. from Africa

Love Magic- Thank you

…Since I have your protective magic, bad influences and energies around me don’t affect me anymore. My positive energy is not disturbed anymore. Envious people around me couldn’t harm me and only thing they can do is to be nice to me. I am not scared of them anymore. I thank every day to beloved God and I find my power and deep relief with your meditations.

I am shining again. Neighbours, friends and admirers are around me and nice to me. I am calm and full of love. I have 3 admirers now. I feel one of them is my second half. My only wish is to create with him a relationship full of love. He is nice and generous and I feel with him very good.
Love magic ritual for attracting suitable partner have helped me. The right partner is here, although he is not the one I wanted one and half years ago. I’ve achieved much more than I expected. I want to thank you with all my heart. This full moon is very special for me…

Get partner back

I have to thank you once more: pity that you are not closer to me, I would bring you a cake. I was really redden with shame how you had brought me to senses, like a small child. Marion, I feel real shame. I was normally scared to speak to you next time. I don’t want to ruin your 5 month’s hard work. Don’t hate me please, I’ve already understood, that it will go now through rituals … it was too much and he reacted that way, I didn’t simply understand it before, I was so stupid. It didn’t had to go that way. Don’t worry, I won’t do this mistake again. I am thinking about your positive words from last time, that it won’t last long. And I believe them strongly. I thank God that I have you and I wish you the best of this world, good health on the first place.
PS: Just in case that this is important for your work: the candle flame during last days and also today normally, it doesn’t flicker, hope it is a good sign. Pity that you are not my mother 😰…A .


Message after 3 weeks: Acctually i am feeling better now and i think i wont need your treatment within a week. I meditate daily and i think soon i will recover completely:D. Regards.

Message after 6 weeks: Hello Slavka.
I have to thank you very much for your concern. I feel like i have recovered completely from my issue 🙂 and i can live much more happily:). I could asfar go and say that i won’t need your ritual any longer ;).
Regards XY

Love Magic- Message about success

Hello Ms. Daghan,
I hope you are safely back from holiday. Small report about my success: there was a visit yesterday, it was my lady, from 14 to 23:00. She was peaceful and responsive. She sent me a message today and she congratulated me to a beginning. It wasn’t complete, but it is going good direction. There is a possibility of further communication. I feel relief, I am going to work on this further without any pressure and meditate patiently. Thank you one more time and don’t forget about me. Best regards. K.